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  • How to choose the environmental conditions and power conditions when selecting a solenoid valve?

    environmental conditions 1) The maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range; 2) In the environment where the relative humidity is high and there are water droplets and rain, a waterproof solenoid valve should be selected;3) Special varieties should be selected for occasions where there are often vibrations, bumps and shocks in the environment, such as marine solenoid valves;Solenoid valve 3005 4) For use in corrosive or explosive environments,...


  • What principles should be followed in the selection of solenoid valves?

    safety: 1. Corrosive medium: plastic king solenoid valve and all stainless steel should be selected; for strong corrosive medium, isolation diaphragm type must be selected. For neutral medium, it is also advisable to choose a solenoid valve with copper alloy as the valve housing material, otherwise, rust will often fall off in the valve housing, especially in occasions where the action is not frequent. Ammonia valves cannot use copper. 2. Explosive environment: products with corresponding explos...


  • What is the basis for the selection of solenoid valves?

    The selection of solenoid valves should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, applicability, and economy, and secondly, according to the six aspects of on-site working conditions (ie, pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action mode, special request for selection). Selection basis: 1. Select the solenoid valve according to the pipeline parameters: diameter specification (ie DN), interface mode 1) Determine the diameter (DN) size ac...


  • What types of solenoid valves can be divided into?

    Direct acting solenoid valve Principle: When energized, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing member from the valve seat, and the valve opens; when the power is turned off, the electromagnetic force disappears, the spring presses the closing member on the valve seat, and the valve closes. Features: It can work normally in vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter generally does not exceed 25mm. Step-by-step direct acting solenoid valve P...


  • What is the level of irrigation technology in my country? How does the solenoid valve work?

    There are many factories of water-saving irrigation equipment manufacturers above designated size in my country. Production workshops, material yards, warehouses for semi-finished and finished products, and inspection and testing facilities can basically meet the requirements of industrial design regulations. A small amount of equipment is imported from abroad, and most enterprises have mold manufacturing capabilities. From the research and development of water-saving irrigation technology and e...


  • What is the development history of irrigation and drainage projects in China?

    China is a large agricultural country with a large population, little arable land, shortage of water resources, frequent floods and droughts, special climate, geography and other natural and social conditions determine that China's agriculture must follow the development path of irrigated agriculture. Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period my country is the first country in the world to engage in agriculture and build water conservancy. As early as 5,000 years ago, in the era of Dayu...


  • What are the current problems faced by special materials and equipment for water-saving irrigation?

    Water-saving irrigation materials and equipment come from the enterprises that produce them, and the status quo of the enterprises reflects the status of the products to a certain extent. Small scale of production: Water-saving irrigation special materials and equipment account for only a part or a small part of the products of many enterprises. The small scale of production restricts the development of enterprises, and also seriously restricts the renewal and quality improvement of water-savin...


  • What is water-saving irrigation equipment? What is the current situation in our country?

    Water-saving irrigation equipment refers to the general designation of mechanical equipment with water-saving function for irrigation. Its types mainly include sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, and all-plastic water-saving irrigation systems (including: hose three-way valve, low-pressure outlet valve, semi-fixed sprinkler irrigation and mobile type). As the lifeline of the country's economy and a large water user, agriculture has been using the traditional and backward flood irrigation met...


  • What are the challenges facing the irrigation industry at this stage?

    Although my country's irrigation and drainage industry has made great achievements, it is also facing serious challenges. The shortage of water resources has become the main constraint factor for the sustainable development of China's society and economy. In 2002, the country's total water consumption was 549.7 billion cubic meters, accounting for 19.5% of the total water resources of the year, of which urban domestic water accounted for 5.8%, rural domestic water accounted for 5.4%, industrial ...