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  • What should I pay attention to when using micro-spray tape?

    1. Before laying the micro-spray belt, first use medicine to remove the pests (such as mole crickets, etc.) in the soil to prevent them from harming the crops and bite the micro-spray belt. 2. When laying, the hole of the micro-spray belt should be facing up and the tail should be blocked. Then squeeze with the water pump. The water inlet is wrapped with gauze (filter) to prevent the holes from being blocked. In case of blockage, untie the tail and rinse with water for one minute, or tap the tu...


  • Analysis of water-saving irrigation methods and advantages

    Scientific irrigation is an irrigation method that professional irrigation companies have been promoting, including modern irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler, seepage irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation. It is necessary to make a reasonable design according to the water demand characteristics, growth stage, climate, and soil conditions of the corresponding plants, and formulate a corresponding irrigation system. This type of method can achieve local precise irrigation....


  • Various high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technologies

    (1) Sprinkler irrigation saves 30% of water compared with flood irrigation. It is mainly used for densely planted crops in the field and is suitable for regional control. It has the advantages of increasing yield and improving the utilization rate of cultivated land, but it has high energy consumption and large evaporation loss, requiring large-capacity water sources. , and can only be used under the conditions of no more than 3 winds. (2) Micro-irrigation Micro-irrigation is an advanced water-...