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What should I pay attention to when using micro-spray tape?

1. Before laying the micro-spray belt, first use medicine to remove the pests (such as mole crickets, etc.) in the soil to prevent them from harming the crops and bite the micro-spray belt.
2. When laying, the hole of the micro-spray belt should be facing up and the tail should be blocked. Then squeeze with the water pump. The water inlet is wrapped with gauze (filter) to prevent the holes from being blocked. In case of blockage, untie the tail and rinse with water for one minute, or tap the tube wall with your hands and other tools.
3. When using for the first time, according to the pressure of your water pump and the working length of the micro-spray belt, turn on the switch first, and it is better to open a few more switches to prevent the micro-spray belt from bursting due to excessive pressure. If the pressure is not enough, turn off a few switches. You will know how many switches to open next time you use it. If the water is tested on that piece, turn on the switch first when changing the piece, and then turn off all the switches on the tested piece to prevent explosion caused by improper use.
4. When changing the stubble, first squeeze the micro-spray belt with a water pump, wash it, roll it up, and put it in a cool place to prevent mice and other things from biting it, so it can be used again next time.